Stopping Rust in Its Tracks With Everyday Materials

Many rust stains are extremely easy to remove from almost any surface that it sticks to. You may only think rust can stain different types of metals, but this is incorrect. Rust stains can rub or drip on to almost any surface. Thankfully common items in the house such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are great tools for removing rust. For instance, to remove rust off of old tools you could use baking soda with either lemon juice or vinegar. Mix the two to create a fairly thick paste to apply to your item. Let the paste stand on the rust spot for approximately 15 minutes. This will eat away at most surface layer rust that hasn’t been given a chance to mature yet. You can rub the solution with steel wool in order to shine and remove any other dirt or rust that is still there after soaking. Coat the metal with WD40 to further seal the metal and stop it from rusting in the future.

stop rust

Another way to eliminate rust is to stop it from happening in the first place. This can be done with most any paint or even by simply cleaning metals when you are done using them. However, sometimes certain types of metal in different conditions require more then paint or cleaning. For that there are professional rust solutions such as Zero Rust. This primer like product bonds to the steel and gets in its pours to stop rust at the core. The more layers that you apply the more protection your metal has against the elements. It’s recommended you clean the metal you are putting this product on because if you do not it is only as good as the dirt/paint/rust that you sprayed it on. Meaning it can chip and peal easier than normal. Normal life expectancy for this product is 2000 hour if applied correctly and can be much more if you put on thick coats, making Zero Rust one of the most ideal products for keeping metals rust free.

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